HI! My name is Joshua.

I have spent my life working with technology, and now, I want to work with you.

Technologically savvy, independently creative, driven and personable are all things I have heard said about me over the course of my career.

I don't see problems, I see solutions waiting to be discovered.

Take a look at my resume and work history on LinkedIn, as well as some of the projects I have put together below. Though my focus in recent years has been in front-end website development, branding, and social media I still also provide technical support to both colleagues and other small business owners as asked.

The worker you were looking for he is, hire him you must.

My skill sets

I think my greatest skill is adaptability and the ability to connect with people about technology in a way that they understand. That comes through in both working with people to solve technology problems, as well as with branding and design.
Helping people find the voice of their product or service and then presenting that voice in a way that connects with their target market.

Hardware and Software, I have worked for years with small and medium-sized office environments, and the hardware, software challenges that come with them. I have worked with networking in both PC and MAC environments as well as deploying software needs in a variety of situations.

  • WordPress

  • Front End Design

  • CSS

  • SEO / SEM




I am very proud of this website, working in the support of another agency, we developed the new Port Orford Sustainable Seafood website.

The client's old website was in dire need of an update to a fresh mobile responsive layout with a modern presentation that would align with their new marketing and packaging.

Several areas of the website that stand out in both their design and unique value, are highlighted below. The pages that we conceptualized and produced, highlight the products offered to their customers and the role of Port Orford Sustainable Seafoods position as innovator and leader in the community supported fisheries industry.

Using the recipe schemaRecipes - The recipes page added enhanced search value to the website, and to get the most out of that value we needed to incorporate code that used the Recipe Schema markup. In adding the correct schema markup we inform search engines that they should look at this page as a special page on the website.

I also wanted the recipes page to visually stand out and be easy to follow for the consumer. The end user flow of the page follows the Our Catch section of the website, which as you would imagine, is my next highlight.

Our Catch - Adding to the search value of the website is the new Our Catch section. This area of the website highlights the catch and offerings of the CSF and is designed to follow the mission of the organization. That is is to bring the consumer closer to the fishermen and to the fish themselves.
When planning the user experience of the Our Catch page. I wanted the page to be fun for the visitor and to have an educational aspect, much like you would experience at a natural history museum or an aquarium.

Self Made Cannabis Company

Self Made Farms is a family-owned business with firm roots in Oregon soil. They have 15 years of experience cultivating medical cannabis and have grown into an OLCC-licensed recreational producer and wholesaler.

Caliber Plumbing & Mechanical

Caliber Plumbing & Mechanical

Locally owned and operated, Caliber Plumbing & Mechanical has been offering the highest level of plumbing and mechanical work for the Portland area for years.

Myatt and Bell PC

Myatt & Bell, P.C.

Myatt & Bell, P.C. exists because of our belief in families. They believe in building up, strengthening, preserving and protecting families through the generations.


Hana Kai 206

Hana Kai 206 is a gorgeously decorated ocean view condo in Hana, Maui Hawaii. A romantic lofted suite perfectly suited for two.

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Afton is a nationwide concert production company. They have booked over 60,000 unsigned local artists on over 10,500 shows in 55 cities since 2004.

Sturgeon Frank’s Guide Service

Sturgeon Frank is known world wide as one of the most successful Sturgeon fishing guides in the Northwest. He has customers from around the world who join him each year to fish the mighty Columbia River for one of the toughest freshwater fish around – the Great White Sturgeon.

Skookum Mobile, plumbing websites, plumbing portland, portland trades websites.

Skookum Plumbing

Skookum Plumbing offers regular and emergency plumbing services and serves Portland and surrounding communities.

Dentistry and Orthodontics websites.

Sutter Orthodontics

At Smiles by Sutter, their goal is to provide high-quality, affordable orthodontic care in a family-based, high-technology practice.  Using state-of-the-art orthodontic technology, they maintain the most advanced procedures and equipment available to ensure that every patient achieves a healthy and beautiful smile.

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"I believe that great website design is defined by a great user experience and a seamless technology experience."